Recent Trial Appearances

In November, 2010 I testified in a Georgetown County, SC trial wherein a national insurer
was alleged to have acted in bad faith during the handling and resolution of a commercial
fire claim. After testifying on behalf of the insurance carrier, a defense verdict was returned
in their favor.   (KJ&4, LLC  vs. Auto-Owners, et al  -  2009-CP-22-0031)

In November, 2011 I testified in a Unites States District Court case. The federal court jury returned
a defense verdict on all counts in this bad faith, improper claims handling matter.
(Knight's Cash & Carry, LLC v. Auto-Owners Insurance Company - 4:10-CV-02796-TLW)

In May 2012, an Horry County, SC jury returned a verdict in the case of Daniel Kluchinsky v. Assurant. The nominal award was a small fraction of the demand and evidence offered at trial. My testimony surrounded claims handling, policy interpretation and damages evaluation on behalf of Assurant.    (Kluchinsky v. American Security Ins. Co. d/b/a Assurant   -  2010-CP-26-3397) 

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On May 20, 2010, a Federal Court jury in returned an award of $14.5 million
for wrongful denial of an insurance claim and bad faith handling. 

I was selected to serve as Claims Expert for the plaintiff in the case:

The Hartford Hit With $14.5 Million Over South Carolina Printer’s Claim

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